Using Blotting Paper For Makeup Removal

Using Blotting Paper For Makeup Removal

Blotting paper is commonly applied as a cosmetic aid. It is usually made from various materials like rice, cotton, bamboo, and flaxseed. The materials are typically chosen based on their absorbency.The blotting sheets are also applied in art, biology, and chemical analysis. This post discusses the application of blotting paper for makeup removal.

How to use blotting paper for makeup removal

In the cosmetic sector, one of the applications of blotting paper is for removing makeup. Below is a guide for how you can use blotting sheets to remove your makeup;

Before getting into the details of removing your makeup using blotting paper, it is worth mentioning that the purpose is not to eliminate smudges or oil but to get the makeup off.

The first thing you must do with that knowledge is getting a thin sheet of blotting paper from your pack. Use the sheet to wipe off the makeup. Do not run the paper across your entire face. Instead, work on specific parts or zones on the face.

For instance, use a single sheet to wipe off your lipstick and get a new one to work on the forehead and chin. Using different sheets on various face parts is mandatory to avoid smudging. Remember that the purpose of blotting paper is to help ease your makeup experience. Creating smudges in the process would go against this purpose. When using blotting paper for removing makeup, you can apply it as you would a piece of wet wipe or paper napkins.

After wiping off your makeup using blotting paper, you can either apply it again from the start or wash your face and let it rest. Note that you can use blotting paper to remove makeup on specific parts of the face and not the entire face. For instance, if you are not satisfied with your lipstick application, you can use blotting paper to wipe it off and re-apply it, leaving the rest of your face intact.

Precautions to take when using blotting paper for makeup removal

  • Please avoid using the same sheep on your entire face as it could cause smudges and transfer germs and damaging components from various parts of the face
  • Do not combine the blotting paper with other chemicals like rubbing alcohol when removing makeup, as it could damage your skin
  • Do not let the blotting paper sit on your face for too long as it could cause clogged pores. This is especially likely to happen if you have oily or acne-prone skin


One of the most commonly asked questions about blotting paper is whether tissue can be used as their alternative. While tissue paper does have some blotting qualities, it does not work as well as blotting paper for makeup removal or other cosmetic aid purposes. The biggest issue with tissue paper is that it is bound to tamper with your makeup. You also have to put in extra effort to get a really thin piece of tissue and ensure no residue is left on your face.