Places you can Carry the Mesh Backpack Nike to

Places you can Carry the Mesh Backpack Nike to

Chances are you have come across the colourful and attractive mesh backpacks nike a couple of times. The classic bags have an alluring quality about them. They usually come in bright and sometimes neon colours, the front zip is a large pocket asides the two side pockets that were created for water bottles and drinks.

The bags generally have a large main zipper—or two in rare cases—with adjustable hands. The mesh quality of the backpack makes it a lot lighter than normal backpacks, coupled with the fact that there are fewer zips available. It is a simple, casual bags with a cool shape. The Nike symbol is represented in front of the bag, showcasing the makers. You would be proud to wear them out.

But as sleek as these cool backpacks are, the number of places to wear them to are not as obvious as it may seem, after all, they are not just any ordinary backpack. They are Nike mesh backpacks and you want to know where they can be carried to, well, here you go:

To the Gym

This is more obvious use of the Mike mesh backpacks, after all, Nike is knows for making sport wears. Their mesh bags also fit into the category of gym bags even though they do not have the typical cylindrical shape of gym bags. You need feel no shyness taking one of these with you to the gym, there is enough space for a change of clothes, and proper pockets to out your water bottles into.

To classes

If you are still a student then style up your classroom outfit by carrying a Nike mesh backpack into the lecture theatre. Backpacks are generally used by students, having one by a designers should not be a big deal. There is a mole space to fit in a couple of long notes and even textbooks. Their light weight makes it comfortable to carry throughout the day.

For a Casual Outing

Yes, Nike mesh backpacks are good enough for any casual outing like to the mall or hanging out with friends. The range of outings don’t really matter as long as it is not too serious or formal. It could be taken with you to a friend’s place, on a road trip, for a swim, to the park, or anywhere you naturally just feel at ease.

For a walk

Walks are not a specific destination but when you feel like taking one of those brisk walks or a chilled stroll with friends, then nike mesh backpacks are a solid alternative to Danny packs or purses. Of course, they offer more comfort. You do not have to strap it around your waist or hold it with your hands; so they are good for walking and talking or fitness hikes.


There are far many more places carrying a Nike mesh backpack will be suitable for. Like sleepovers or to the airport as a hand luggage. The added advantage of that is that there are even tiny holes on the bag that assures the security personnel that nothing harmful is inside.