Incredible Features of DC Charging Stations by EN Plus Tech

Incredible Features of DC Charging Stations by EN Plus Tech

The future of sustainable transportation is marked by demand for quick and effective electric vehicle (EV) recharge systems due to emerging situations.

EN Plus Tech is a pioneering enterprise, the front runner of the current revolution which pushes new Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations whose concept of top standards in the EV charging network is re-defined. The new advanced dedicated dc ev charger has been designed not only for the urgent needs of EV vehicle owners here and now but also to meet the anticipated business requirements of the coming generation.

Let’s discuss these DC EV charging stations in more detail.

4 Outstanding Features Of DC Charging Stations By EN Plus Tech You Must Know

#1 Exceptional Charging Speeds

One of the standout characteristics of DC charging stations provided by EN Plus Tech is the diversity of charging speeds users can access. As for power connections, from a mere 30 kW to an amazing 300 kW, these stations give businesses different options in order to sort their diverse power needs and their customers as well. The premium model with a maximum of 300kw is another achievement of the manufacturer, with the EV powering the car for hundreds of kilometres in a few minutes. This is a benefit for the EV on-the-go drivers and a marketing tool for the EV industry, which is growing.

#2 Versatile Charging Solutions

To meet the demand for simple and efficient payment methods, EN Plus Tech developed EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), supporting different authentication and payment methods. Customers can pay using RFID, credit cards, QR codes, or mobile app payments and feel the comfort they want. They not only contribute to customer satisfaction but also ensure that businesses are able to serve consumers within a wide range, hence increasing the utilization of the services.

#3 Flexible Payment Options

Understanding the need for accessible and straightforward payment methods, EN Plus Tech’s EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) supports multiple authentication and payment methods. RFID, credit cards, QR codes, or mobile app payments are among the consumers’ options. This diversity in payment methods doesn’t only improve user experience, but it also expands the scope of the business itself, offering it the possibility to reach more customers and increase the service utilization of that business.

#4 Smart Pricing Strategies

Another progressive action of EN Plus Tech is the design of their charging stations to permit the operational facilities to set multi-level energy pricing and parking fees. Under this scenario, businesses are able to tune pricing to the tariff daytime/night-time, granting lower rates during periods of low consumption to evoke more convenience in the use of energy throughout the day. Furthermore, parking that is priced in the form of a tiered pricing model can be adjusted, thus making it easy for users to find it convenient and making it possible for businesses to maximize their revenue. A really big advantage of such a great number of options for the set-up of the pricing scheme of the EV charging market is that businesses can adapt to and move with the balance of forces.

The EN Plus Tech Advantage

Beyond these remarkable features, the true value of EN Plus Tech’s DC charging stations lies in their ability to blend high performance, user convenience, and business flexibility. By opting for EN Plus Tech’s solutions, businesses are not merely installing charging stations; they are embracing a future where EV charging is fast, accessible, and seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

Through innovative technology and a deep understanding of market needs, EN Plus Tech is setting a high bar for DC fast charging solutions. As the EV market continues to expand, the features offered by EN Plus Tech’s charging stations are not just keeping pace; they are leading the way, promising a future of EV charging that is as exciting as it is efficient.


With EN Plus Tech’s DC charging stations, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to step into the future of electric vehicle charging. Offering unparalleled charging speeds, versatile solutions, flexible payment options, and smart pricing strategies, these charging stations are poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the way we think about energy for transportation.