How to Care for Your Scalp and Natural Hair While Using Invisible Tape-In Extensions

How to Care for Your Scalp and Natural Hair While Using Invisible Tape-In Extensions

Micro clip-in extensions are the best since they give that length and volume to fine hair without looking like you have extensions on. Still, managing the scalp and natural hair when using these extensions requires some special regimes. This is a complete guide on how one should take care of the scalp and hair when applying virtually invisible tape-in extensions. However, for more details regarding maintenance tips, visit INTACTE Hair.

Gentle Cleansing

Since cleaning is the first step towards a healthy scalp and hair, it is crucial to start there. Use a gentle shampoo devoid of sulfates to wash the hair. To avoid loosening the glue used, wash your hair more regularly than the extension. Do not rub your hair when washing and always wash your hair in a stroking motion to reduce tangles and to make sure the extension stays on as when you washed your hair.

Hydration and Moisture

The scalp and hair should be kept as moist as possible, which is why frequent washing is encouraged. Section the hair and apply a lightweight conditioner down the hair shafts to the tips of the hair excluding the tape-in bonds area and then apply a deep moisturizing conditioner on the upper part of the hair. This is why it is advised that natural hair should be deep conditioned at least once a week in a bid to maintain its softness and be easy to manage.

Scalp Care

The scalp is the initial area for healthy hair or lack of it, thus the reason to take good care of the head skin. In the process of hair growth, one should be keen to gently massage the head to enhance the flow of blood in the area that is headed. To do this, use the palm of your hand to apply a drop of natural oil to the scalp. Only your fingertips should be used to massage the product into the skin in droplets.

Avoid Heat and Chemical Reactions

Additionally, the limitation of heat and chemical treatments is essential to prevent negative consequences. If you have no option but to use heat styling tools, then it is advised that you start by using heat-protecting spray. When drying the natural hair and the extending make sure that you start with a low or medium heat as this will not cause any harm to both. Do not apply any colors or perming solution when you have your tape in extensions as this will reduce the stick-ability of the extension and as well damage your natural hair.

Protective Styling

Do not wear tight styles that pull on the natural hair and scalp to minimize stress. It is also suggested to minimize the pressure applied to the hair tape-ins, and for this, it is prohibited to wear strictly secure hairdos, for example, tight braids, low buns, or ponytails. Relative to this avoid styles that pull the hair and tug at the extension causing painful sensations or damaged hair.


Adhering to these care tips will make you have the best of the invisible tape-in extensions and also a healthy scalp and natural hair. Washing, caring, and the manner of putting on the extensions should also be well observed to increase the usage of the extensions as well as the growth of the natural hair. If properly maintained, one’s hair will be visually appealing and pleasing to the touch; thus, improving one’s natural and relaxed appearance.