Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Wigs?

Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Wigs?

The hair accessory that has insisted people around the globe explore more is a wig. Wigs have been termed saviors for the audience who didn't like coloring their natural hair but are enthusiastic about following the trend. Initially, wigs were only meant for cosplayers or medicinal patients, but the concept of wigs has changed entirely.

Along with acting as a protective layer in your hair, human hair wigs can also be one of those ways to showcase the confident aspect of your character. Generally, wigs are made up of synthetic fibers or natural human hair. Previously, fibers were the only choice when it came to wigs, but now to provide a more realistic look, human hairs are utilized in making wigs.

Human Hair Wigs Vs. Synthetic Wigs

Styling Creativity

To acquire an attractive look, styling your wigs, it's pretty essential. Moreover, styling human hair wigs is much easier than synthetic wigs. Without any extra effort, you can style the human hair wig with any hot hairstyling tool. But it's essential to put on a hair protection spray before using it to protect the hair follicle.

Styling human hair wigs is identical to how you style your natural hair. But if you are thinking of doing the same with synthetic wigs, then it's a pretty tough job. It will be more effective if you choose any professional hairstylist to style your synthetic wig.

Natural Look

Human hair wigs are made up of natural human hair. Whereas synthetic wigs are made up of synthetic fiber, hence it delivers a more plastic-like appearance. But if you are considering getting a realistic look, then a natural human hair wig will be the best choice.


If you take care of the human hair wig properly, it will last long. Moreover, it's essential to store the hairpiece properly in a silk or satin pouch or bag to avoid tangles. On the other hand, the durability of synthetic wigs is more. It isn't easy to use this wig for a year. Human hair wigs are the best choice for a long-term run, even if you wear them regularly.


In human hair wigs, deviations of textures are available. Nevertheless, to gain that realistic look, you can choose the wig's texture that matches your natural hair texture. But you can't select synthetic wigs concerning your hair texture as no such variations are available.

Human Hair Wig Means You’re Wearing Real Human On Your Head


Generally, synthetic wigs provide an unnatural shine that fades with time. But no such criterion is there for human hair wigs. The shine of these wigs doesn't fade away even after daily use.


Synthetic wigs can be recolored as the synthetic fibers can't hold them. In contrast, the option is open for human hair wigs. These wigs are made up of natural hair, so coloring these won't be a challenging task.


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